Altamash Medical Hospital

Altamash Institute of Dental Medicine is a leading dental institute and hospital since the last 14 years. It is the only institute that provides state-of-the-art education and facilities in collaboration with the Karolinska Institute in Sweden.

Healthcare is in the midst of dramatic change. New technologies, new medications and new approaches for treating the sick have changed the way we deliver care. Societal, economic and legislative forces influence how we deliver and provide care.

At a time when people from all socio-economic backgrounds desperately need easy access to the best health-care services, an initiative has been taken to provide optimum medical healthcare services by announcing the establishment of Altamash Medical Hospital.

Altamash Medical Hospital will have highly skilled healthcare providers and exceptional health-care services in the fields of General Surgery, General Medicine, ENT, Obstetrics/Gynaecology and Allied subjects.

The hospital is nearing completion and will be commissioned by the end of 2015.

Convocation 2nd March, 2015

Convocation 2015

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Clinical Facility

Following clinical facilities are available at AIDM.

New Patients Registration (OPD)

Emergency Clinics

Endodontics Clinic

This department is concerned with the etiology, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of conditions that affect the tooth pulp, root and periapical tissues.

Dental Clinic

Paediatrics Clinic

This department deals with dental care of the infants, children, and adolescents.

Digital Radiology

Digital radiology which is the latest and well established technology is used in our institute. This filmless imaging system where a radio graphic image is captured using non film solid state detectors. The images are captured in computers and displayed in multiple departments on monitors. Digital radiographic images have much more important advantage over film based radiographs because it is possible to optimize the appearances of the image, after the exposure has taken place

Prosthodontics Clinic

The department focuses on the design, manufacture and fitting of the artificial replacements for teeth and other parts of the mouth. The services may include complete dentures, removable and fixed partial dentures, implant prosthodontics and cosmetic restorations.

Pain and Dysfunction:
The department provides treatment for pain because of functional problems of occlusion.

Congential Deformities:
The most frequent congential dental deformity is cleft of the palate and lip is taken care appropriately.

Traumatic Injury:
Traumatic injuries are taken care in Emergency Clinics

Acquired Defects:
Rehabilitation of acquired oral/facial defects are taken care by skilled dentist in the prosthodontics deparment.

Oral Surgery Clinic

This department takes care of all the problems or damage to the mouth teeth and jaws. Different procedures on teeth, repair of jaw problems and advanced procedures for trauma, several damages of the structure of the mouth due to diseases are taken care in this clinic.

Oral Medicine/ Periodontology Clinic

The department of Periodontology and oral medicine provides periodontal care to the general community, where diseases of the gums and the surrounding periodontim are diagnosed and treated accordingly. Other diseases of the oral cavity and concerned structures are covered by the field of oral medicine. Students are taught the basics of periodontology, learning how to prevent, diagnose and treat periodontal problems of all types. Students are also exposed to a variety of oral problems which come under the jurisdiction of oral medicine, from which they benefit proficiently.

Orthodontics Clinic

The Department of Orthodontics, with its advanced radiography provides patients with the best orthodontic treatment possible in an OPD setting. From preadolescent children to adults, treatment is provided to correct malocclusions, both skeletal and non skeletal and other developmental anomalies. Students are trained in basic orthodontic knowledge, and allowed to the application of their knowledge on patients undersupervison of their peers' excellent case experience for the students.

Facilities include a modern orthodontic clinic and clinical laboratory; laboratory for photography, appliance construction and plaster work.

Academic Facilities

Lecture Hall


Lecture halls at the college are optimally spacious that provide a comfortable seating for our students. The hall layout ensures a clear vantage point for both professors and students. The lecture halls also boast of a floor-to-ceiling screen for multimedia projection and is further equipped with a state of the art Audio Visual system. All these along with centralized air conditioning are conducive towards lectures and presentations being viewable and understandable from any seat in the hall.



The state-of-the-art Anatomy Department has an anatomy laboratory and museum for the young dental students. The histology laboratory is thoroughly equipped with the latest microscopes for self study for AIDM’s enthusiastic students for undergraduate training of histology, Neuro-anatomy and embryology.

The AIDM campus has a museum for Anatomy. The Histology lab assists students in developing and enhancing their abilities towards scientific reasoning and empirical studies. It also helps them to translate and implement their theoretical knowledge into practice



The department of Biochemistry is committed to the development of new doctors and potential researchers. The faculty who work here are familiar with scientific techniques. AIDM maintains laboratories where students are taught to familiarize themselves with the various chemicals used for diagnostic and treatment purposes. Students perform different standardized laboratory tests as per the curriculum provided by the university. We have a strong undergraduate program in Biochemistry. The department is furnished with a well equipped laboratory.



The Physiology lab is fully equipped for the students to perform tests about chemical, physical and biological functions of life.

Dental Materials


The Department of Dental Materials aims to provide its students with the knowledge to understand the scope of dental materials, the structure and behavior of materials, important physical properties applicable to dental materials including their biological considerations. Various restorative materials, dental impression materials, dental waxes, gypsum products, metals and miscellaneous dental materials are all covered by the field. The students are educated with a thorough understanding of these products and the skill to manipulate these materials during future clinical work.



The pathology department is aimed to improve treatment by basic understanding of human disease by clinical cases study, presentations and research. Students are taught in great depth anatomic, clinical, surgical, and molecular pathology for better understanding of treatment options. This department has a laboratory for performing various studies.



The Subject of Pharmacology and therapeutics is taught in second year BDS course to impart comprehensive knowledge of drugs. The syllabus includes Pharmacokinetic, Pharmacodynamic, and Pharmacotherapeutic aspects of commonly used drugs. There is a well equipped laboratory where students are exposed to experimental methodology and procedures to observe the effects of drugs on intact animals and prepare drugs in required concentrations. Tutorials and case presentations are a feature of the training schedule to ensure active participation of students in the learning process, that is mostly problem solving oriented. Main topics covered in detailed lectures include general pharmacology, autonomic pharmacology, cardiovascular pharmacology, CNS pharmacology, drugs acting on GIT, respiratory tract, kidneys, endocrine, blood, uterus, analgesics and chemotherapy.

Oral Anatomy


The Oral Anatomy department educates developmental biology, oral anatomy and oral histology/embryology to undergraduate students. For this purpose we have a contemporary Oral anatomy Laboratory.

Community Dentistry


The mission of this department is to impart community based knowledge and skills to the undergraduate students of BDS. The Department has excelled in not only providing the basic knowledge of Community Dentistry but also, has pioneered community based research in various fields of Public Health importance. The faculty members and students have published numerous articles in indexed journals. The department conducts field visits. Students are evaluated at regular intervals and regular counselling is provided. The department collaborates with various public and private health institutions and field level organizations where students receive hands on training and exposure in the field.

Oral Pathology


The oral pathology department focuses on oral health diseases. Students are taught to familiarise themselves with the histological as well as clinical presentation of the diseases of the oral cavity using microscopic specimens, models, slides and clinical images.

General Medicine


The General Medicine Department is run by a dedicated and highly motivated team. Students are trained in consultation, history-taking, general physical examination, detailed systemic examination, treatment planning and disease management by doctors skilled in their disciplines.

General Surgery


The Department of General Surgery provides comprehensive surgical consultation and care in many subspecialties. Students are trained in consultation, history taking, treatment planning, preoperative and post-operative management by doctors skilled in their discipline.



AIDM maintains separate libraries at its Clifton and DHA campuses. Both the libraries have a wide range of recently published books by authoritative authors on basic sciences and dental subjects. Both the libraries are also stocked with a large number of latest local and international journals in dentistry. Experienced and qualified librarians are at hand to guide and advise students in making the best use of available resources in the libraries

Learning Resource Center


AIDM provides complete and comprehensive learning resource centers in support of various programs and services at its Clifton and DHA campuses. AIDM strives very hard to constantly improve and place such resources at the disposal of its students for their academic pursuits.

Phantom Head Lab


One unique provision is the phantom head laboratory which plays a pivotal role in gradually introducing dental students to the structure of human anatomy with special focus on teeth, orientation of a dental work station as well as patient and doctor posture and positioning.

Prosthodontics Lab


The department focuses on the design, fabrication and insertion of the artificial replacements for teeth and other parts of the mouth. The services may include complete dentures, removable and fixed partial dentures, implant prosthodontics and cosmetic restorations.

Pain and Dysfunction:
The department provides treatment for pain because of functional problems of occlusion.

Congential Deformities:
The most frequent congential dental deformity is cleft of the palate and lip is addressed professionally.

Traumatic Injury:
Traumatic injuries are taken care in the Emergency Clinics

Acquired Defects:
Rehabilitation of acquired oral/facial defects are taken care by skilled dentist in the prosthodontics deparment.



Tastefully furnished and comfortable student lounges / cafeteria are functioning for students, patients and faculty members. We maintain high quality of cleanliness, hygiene food.

Student Affairs Office-Addressing every Need


To ensure that the every need of its students is addressed, AIDM’s Student Affairs Office caters to every aspect of a student's academic and non academic activities. May it be counseling, accommodation, student health services, records, discipline or any minute problem—the experienced and compassionate staff at the Student Affairs Office make sure that each issue is addressed and resolved as soon as possible.

It is here that the students come unhesitatingly for generous support and advice. One of its main functions is to keep the parents informed of their ward’s continuing progress.


Convocation Day

AIDM holds an annual convocation ceremony every year to award degrees amongst the graduates. It is a once in a lifetime event for all graduates and therefore, it is celebrated in the presence of dignitaries of the local community, leaders from the government body and parents/guardians of the graduating students.

Extra Curricular Activities

AIDM holds occasional cultural, sports, talent shows and oral health fairs throughout the year to keep the students engaged in extracurricular activities. Considering that dental studies are one of the most demanding and absorbing intellectual pursuits, it becomes necessary to find healthy and acceptable outlets for dissipating energy. Cultural activities are given special attention as an important element of our social life. AIDM encourages its students to write articles and provides facilities to promote ties between society and the students through seminars, lectures on dental health education, cultural exhibitions and celebration of religious occasions.

AIDM makes sure that extra curricular activities happen in the campus regularly and all students are encouraged to take on these activities. Annual picnic is also a featured event awaited by students for a fun filled outing.